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Non Medical Insurance

Non Medical Insurance

With Parent Super Visa, you can get the life insurance coverage you need in as little as just a few days. We offer the most options and largest amounts of No Medical & Simplified Issue life insurance with competitive premiums. Our many options can provide the coverage you need, whether you have very serious medical conditions, or even if you are in good health. See how we can help you to solve your life insurance needs.

Why should you consider No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance?

You’re a Canadian senior
You have some health problems
You’re hard to insure
You have a dangerous job or dangerous hobbies
You don’t like needles or medical exams
You just want your coverage fast

No Medical & Simplified Issue Permanent Insurance

We specialize in No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance. We have five different plans to choose from. These plans are designed for different kinds of customers, from those with serious health problems all the way to those who are in excellent health and just want a simple, fast way to buy life insurance. And unlike some other companies, most of our plans offer full protection from day one.
Our plans include more free benefits than other companies.
We take great pride in providing superior customer service from the day you apply until the day the claim is paid.

No Medical & Simplified Issue Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance can be an important element of your overall insurance planning. Parent Super Visa Health Security Plus is ideal for applicants who are in relatively good health, would suffer financial hardship in the event of a critical illness; want quick coverage or who just don’t like to deal with doctors and needles.

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