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No Medical Life Insurance

What is No Medical Life Insurance?
No medical Life Insurance as name signifies Life insurance without medical examination ie no blood work, no needle tests or urine sample or no medical results from doctor. If you have any of these health conditions, we can insure you:

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart attack
  3. Stroke
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Cholesterol
  6. Diabetes – Insulin
  7. Hepatitis B
  8. Hepatitis C
  9. Cirrhosis
  10. Kidney disease
  11. Bypass surgery
  12. Dementia
  13. Depression
  14. COPD
  15. Respiratory condition
  16. Declined by other Life Insurance
  17. MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  18. Angina
  19. Hemophilia
  20. Thrombocytopenia or serious Anemia

You can buy Term Life insurance or Whole Life Insurance without seeing any nurse or doctor.
Who are good candidate for this option?
If you have health ailments and have tried with medical underwritten insurance plan, where insurance company has declined you, then this could be good option as its better to have some coverage than nothing, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. if you have some health ailments and see a possibility of getting declined: talk to us; just fill this form on screen and one of our licensed Life Insurance broker will provide you caring and professional advice. We would complete three applications for you, one no medical Life insurance application and other two medical underwritten one, if the medical underwritten goes through then we can cancel the no medical insurance plan, if it gets decline, we still have the non medical Life insurance plan placed for you.

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Advantages | No Med Insurance

1. Easy to get, just need to answer few health questions and you get the Life Insurance coverage.

2. Hard to insure individuals, who are declined by other insurance companies.

3. Older or Elder individual with health conditions or just need small policy for final expenses.

4. Some are just scared to have needle for blood work or don’t like to get seen by nurse or doctor for blood work or needles, this is good option for them.

5. If you want immediate coverage and can’t wait for regular underwritten plan where they take 3-6 weeks before issue of policy.


1. Premiums are higher in comparison to fully underwritten insurance plan.

2. Underwriting is done at the time of claim; At the time of processing of claim if the insurance company find out that some of the information on application was not correct or complete, Claims could be declined; hence providing complete and accurate information in these application is very important.

3. Two years waiting period; most of these plans have restriction that in case of death claim in first two years other than accidental death there is only refund of premiums and actual coverage (coverage for any reason of death) only starts after two years. Its because insurance company wants to ensure, you were healthy enough to buy life insurance and death claim is not expected to happen very soon.

4. No medical Term Life insurance policy may not have option of renewal at the end of term, hence reading the policy once you get the contract is utmost important to understand the terms and policy wordings so as there are no surprises later on or at the time of renewal or claim.