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Business Owner Solutions Estate Protection Plan

Most of us want the same thing, once our retirement is taken place , we would like our children to get benefits from what's left behind. That could be family cottage. However without proper planning, often it could lead to a hefty tax bill. But you should be prepared for taxes and protect what you value with the asset/ estate protection plan strategy.

Taxes can consume a substantial portion of your estate depending on province of residence; registered assets can be taxed from 39%- 48%. Capital gains on assets such as cottage are taxed from 20% to 24 %.

Strategy that uses universal life insurance policy help you to pay your tax bill protecting your estate and the assets that are so important to your family.

A) Your policy will grow to meet your tax responsibilities.

B) Your family receives the policy's full value TAX FREE.

C) Your family uses the insurance proceeds to pay the taxes on your estate.

This means your family's assets can stay in the family. Call today to discuss your estate planning needs.