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Corporate Investment Strategy | Business Owner Solutions

The Corporate Investment Strategy

At Life Insurance Coverage, we are committed to helping you live your dream. And whether your dreams are small or grand, our team will create simple and straightforward wealth management strategies that will help you achieve them. Our unique processes make it easy for you to realize your life priorities and take advantage of our comprehensive, tailor-made financial solutions.

Your corporate probably have investments, you must be planning to use this as retirement income, and then leave as much as possible to your heirs. After taxes they won't receive as much, you can maximize the after tax value of these assets using the corporate investment shelter strategy.


  • With the corporate investment shelter strategy, you can easily draw net dividends from holding company every year for your retirement starting at age 65 until age 85, Holding company transfers the excess assets to a universal life insurance policy. The policy funds its invested to match their asset allocation objectives.

  • The policy funds grow tax-deferred during their lifetime (there is no corporate tax on growth).

  • Upon death of the second parent, the policy pays Holding company a tax free death benefit, and allows some or all the proceeds to be paid out as a tax free capital dividend.

  • The children receive the maximum after tax value of the corporate investments.

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