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Business Owner Solutions Wealth Protection

Wealth protection is all about protecting the assets you have worked hard to accumulate, the level of lifestyle you have created based around your income and ensuring that those most important to you are taken care of (financially) whether you are here or not.
The thought of dying, suffering an illness, injury or trauma is generally something we choose not to think about it's human nature to think it will never happen to me.We also understand that we are mortal and probably know someone close to us who has died or suffered a major illness.In fact, every working Australian has a one in three chance of becoming disabled for more than three months before age 65.
Nevertheless, most people do not have a plan in place to ensure that, in the unlikely event of a catastrophe occurring, they and their loved ones will be financially protected.The logical and relatively inexpensive way to provide protection for the majority of individuals is via risk insurance.Until such time as a person has accumulated enough investments assets to enable them to retire in comfort (excluding the family home) insurance should be considered.

Your estate/ Wealth consists of all of your assets:

Non-registered investments: shares, GICs (guaranteed investment certificates), mutual funds,bonds, etc.
Registered investments: RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF, etc.
Real estate: residence(s), rental property, land, etc.
All other property you own

The Wealth Protection financial strategy is an effective solution to the dilemma faced by many heirs when the time comes to settle the deceased final tax bill. Once integrated in your overall financial plan, this strategy will help to maximize the value of your assets and provide your heirs with the funds necessary to pay the taxes due upon your death, all for just a fraction of the amount! This innovative concept makes use of a flexible financial vehicle with several tax advantages.

The Wealth Protection financial strategy considerably increases the value of the inheritance being left to your heirs by partially or totally covering the taxes that will be payable by your estate upon your death.

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