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Steps to follow when buying life insurance that always work in interest of client

When applying, always apply with three or more insurers or insurance company at the same time, doing that yourself could be troublesome, so taking a help of life insurance broker is a better option, as we can apply for you with three or more life insurance companies at the same time and the advantages are as following:-

  • Medical requirements are completed only once and results are forwarded to all companies at the same time.
  • These insurance companies are informed by us that you are shopping around and are going to accept best offer only.
  • Insurance companies do want your business hence a healthy competition is created and you as a smart and mature consumer is benefited.
  • For example if one insurance company rates up policy and this was the only Insurance company where you have applied with then you are out of luck as this info goes to your medical information Bureau- MIB and now every insurance company knows that you have been declined or rated or postponed in the past and its kind of red flag.
  • Other example if 2 out of 3 companies are willing to accept you at standard premiums but one company might be able to offer you preferred rate in order to get your business.
  • When you complete app for 3/ 4 companies at same time chances are one of the companies should accept you at better monthly premiums.
  • With our past experience it has always worked in the best interest of client.

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